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Repairs can also be undertaken on site by a horse owner to extend the life of your rug. Prices vary from rug to rug, depending on the nature of repairs but I prefer to work on a time and materials basis – rather than per patch or strap as I have found this to be cheaper for you.

Repairs will only be undertaken on clean rugs. Damaged rugs are washed at the owners risk as Prism Equine Laundry cannot be held responsible for further damage caused by washing already ripped rugs.

I only use quality fabrics and fittings for my repairs. If you have already washed and proofed your rug and just need repairs undertaken I am happy to do this. I use a silicone proof spray to reproof any stitch holes on outdoor rugs so they remain waterproof.

Payment for all rugs is expected upon collection or delivery. You will be notified when your rugs are ready and if any rugs are not collected, or delivery organised, and paid for within three months of this notification/date of invoice – then I reserve the right to sell the rugs to reclaim any costs which have been spent in maintaining your rugs under the Interference with Goods Act 1977.

Cash, BACS, cheque or card payments.