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Cara-EbonyWash only – standard or combo … £11.50

Proof – standard or combo … £9.50

Fleeces and Mesh Fly rugs … £9.50

I am also happy to wash anything else you don’t want to put in your domestic machine such as dog beds, travelling boots and numnahs – just ask.

I know that some companies change their prices depending on whether the rug has a neck or not – I have chosen to simplify my pricing structure and not do this as I use exactly the same amount of detergents and proofers (as specified by the manufacturer) regardless of whether the rug has a neck or not. I do not charge extra for separate necks and these are washed at the same time as the rug, as if the rug was a combo.

Payment for all rugs is expected upon collection or delivery. You will be notified when your rugs are ready and if any rugs are not collected, or delivery organised, and paid for within three months of this notification/date of invoice – then I reserve the right to sell the rugs to reclaim any costs which have been spent in maintaining your rugs under the Interference with Goods Act 1977.

Cash, BACS, cheque or card payments.